Frickelfest 2022 registration

  • This is the registration page for people who want to attend the Frickelfest for the first time this year. So the basics first:
  • The Frickelfest 2022 runs from Wednesday, June 15th. until Monday, June 20th.
  • The venue is the Ommerborn monastery in the very west of Germany, about 30 km north-east of Cologne.
  • The cost of participation includes on-site accommodation, three meals a day and the supply of (almost) all kinds of drinks.
  • The Frickelfest thrives on participation. The top priority is therefore: contribute something. Whether this is in the form of projects you have brought with you, in the form of a lecture or workshop, is ultimately not that important.
  • There is a finite number of „playable“ rooms on site. Very few participants will therefore be able to completely occupy an entire room with their stuff. The point of it is to get together with others and do great things as a team.

Please fill out the following form and send it to the festival management using the „Send“ button. We’ll let you know when we’re fully booked and the prices are set. Those depend directly on the number and length of stay of the participants, which is why we can only provide reliable information after the end of registration. If you have any questions, please send them to team@frickelfest or ask them in the forum when we have set up a forum account for you.

There is a forum for communication amongst the participants. If you want to join, please choose an nickname (not mandatory).
There's a t-shirt for every participant. Those are European sizes, which tend to be smaller than US sizes. If in doubt, choose one bigger.
If you like, you can order a Hoodie along with your t-shirt
We offer three, four, or five night options
If there are people with whom you want to spend the night in one room
If the number of people in your guest room is negotiable, it might help us with the logistics.
We always like to have an idea of ​​what to expect 😉